Our Values

Our Christian Values In Action:

We endeavor to reflect the Christian values outlined by Jesus in the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) in our prolife street ministry:

Poor in Spirit-  We recognize that we can do nothing in ourselves to save anyone from the violence of abortion.  Stepping out with that understanding, we are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit of God to convince people that abortion is the taking of a precious life.

We Mourn-  We grieve over the horror of abortion.  We cry out to God through prayer for the needs of those who are herded into abortion clinics in assembly line fashion.  We mourn for the deaths of preborn babies.  We grieve over the disgrace and sin we bear before God for legalized abortion in our nation.  We are saddened to know that one day we as a nation will stand guilty before God and that He will judge our nation on this side of eternity through financial hardship, natural disasters, and war.  We will also be judged by Him as a nation after this life.

Meekness-  We submit our responses to all difficulty to the Holy Spirit of God.  We desire to show grace under the pressure of “life and death” negotiations with women who are hours or minutes away from aborting their preborn babies.  We humble ourselves and depend on God’s strength to deny any right we feel we might have to speak in our own defense against the wrongful assertions of all abortion supporters.  We present ourselves humbly before God to speak in the defense of the preborn babies.

We are Hungry and Thirsty for Righteousness-  With all that is in us, we want, we crave to be in “right-standing with God”.  Not only for us, but for each and every person who comes to an abortion clinic, for our nation which bears the guilt of abortion.  We daily look to this need to be right with God as we would naturally want to satisfy our need to eat or drink. For ourselves, our families, our nation, and the world.  This strong desire compels us to intervene at the abortion clinics for the spiritual needs of all.

Pure in Heart-  We want to minister with a pure heart. A heart that God sees as free of pride, self-righteous anger, selfish ambition or self promotion.  A heart that is humbled with the understanding that we have all sinned in the Eyes of God and that without a saving, submitted relationship to the Lord Jesus we are all equally guilty compared to the Holiness of God.  We go to the abortion clinics in obedience and out of respect for God.  We desire to be used of God because the need is great, not for notches on our spiritual belts or for an impressive ministry resume.

Merciful-  We show mercy to women who feel financially pressured into having an abortion.  We offer what resources we have available to provide financial relief from the unexpected expense of an unplanned pregnancy.  This mercy enables her to turn away from scheduling her abortion or empowers her to cancel her scheduled abortion.  We minister to the immediate emotional and spiritual need of any woman who has had her scheduled abortion and realizes too late the reality of abortion.  We show mercy when we choose to forgive those who want to harm use verbally or physically.

Peacemakers-  We work to bring peace to the hearts of women who are afraid to continue their pregnancies.  Sharing the truth about abortion with women and men who believe they are abortion-bound is one way we try to promote peace between people and God over the life of the baby.  Presenting the truth of Jesus and His message that He is the only way to peace with God also enables us to be God’s peacemakers.

Persecution and Hardship-  We understand that we will be called upon to stand in every type of weather imaginable as we look for an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a woman arriving at an abortion clinic .  Our compassion for these women and babies will often move us out of our comfort zone.  There are times our motives will be questioned and our characters maligned.  We will be cursed and sometimes harassed.  We will face physical danger from those who want to respond to us with the same spirit of violence that dominates the abortion clinic.  None of these things will weaken our resolve to try to stand in the gap between God and people.  We stand firm in an effort to protect preborn babies, and their mothers and fathers from the abortion holocaust.

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