Our Pledge

Our Pledge:

We believe in the sanctity of all human life.  Abortion is the willful

destruction of a human life.  We must compassionately intervene.

We will be mindful that in walking the balance of God’s truth and

God’s compassion we find the center of God’s Heart toward all, whether

born or preborn.  We are committed to nonviolent intervention outside

of the abortion clinics in an effort to save the preborn and others

whose lives, whose futures, are endangered by abortion.

We believe that a saving relationship with Jesus Christ produces the

conversion of those who are walking in opposition to God.  We believe

that supporting abortion in any fashion is in direct opposition to

God’s standards as outlined in the Bible.  We are committed sharing

these truths.

We know that the compassion of Jesus Christ expressed in sidewalk

counseling* results in mothers and their preborn babies being

protected from abortion.  We will intervene with compassion.

*not professional counselors (italics)

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