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Client touched by Truth and Compassion shares personal word

A young woman had scheduled herself for an abortion.  She left the abortion clinic on the day she received her “counseling” from the abortion clinic with Truth and Compassion’s literature in her hand.  After leaving the abortion clinic, she decided to call our ministry.  She wrestled with her decision on the telephone with a prolife sidewalk counselor.  In the next few days, she made the decision to trust God and to protect her baby. I had numerous occasions to talk with her during her months of pregnancy.  She shared her heart with me on what kept her encouraged while facing great uncertainty about the future.  I was so touched by what she shared that I asked her to put what God had taught her in writing so I could share it with you. I hope that you are as blessed to read it as I was to hear it!  – Dolores Tucker

Someone once asked me, “Do you believe God can speak to you?”  I never really knew.  I prayed and prayed, sat in a room quietly talking to Him to see if He would respond.  I was at a point in my life where I thought I was the “perfect Christian”.  I went to church every Sunday. I paid my 10% and prayed.  I also had a great job.  I felt I was doing it for myself NO one was helping me!  It never crossed my mind why God Himself was not talking to me.

Then just as I had it all, it all came tumbling down.  I lost my job and home and had a two year old son and one on the way.  Where was I to start, and how?  So, I started asking Why me? more then I have ever.  Until something in my soul cried, “Lord, I can not do this alone I NEED Your help!”  This was not superficial, it was from the bottom of my heart.  At that point, I realized I am not able to do it all.  I surrendered completely.  I became the co-pilot of my life and as some would say, I let go and let God!  Now, by no means am I expressing that it is an easy task, because it’s far from it.  I have and still am enduring long suffering in order to receive the strength and blessings that He has planned in His will for me.

The joy about it all is that since I have completely humbled myself I have been blessed to hear God speak to me.  There are times when my son is sleeping and I am weeping because I feel alone, and as clear as day, I can hear Him say, “You are not alone.  I am here with you.”  The first time I heard Him speak I second guessed it.  Do I tell anyone?  Will they think I am crazy??  Am I saying this to myself?  No, I am not a man.  That was a man’s voice I heard.  It was as if He was sitting right next to me and I could honestly feel Him comforting me.

So, when someone sees my entire situation and asks how I remain happy, I say, “I am not alone and it’s going to be okay.”  I trust and believe that with all my heart I will because the Lord told me Himself!  So, no matter how much you attend Sunday service and pay your 10%, until you humble yourself and let the Lord completely lead you as one of His sheep, you will not hear the direction He is leading.  No matter how hard you try, it’s not about you doing it.  You have to depend solely on God, not man, not your family, not anyone but Him.

So, I have my blessings and my trials.  And my tribulations are my blessings because they have humbled me.  And I have something no one can ever take, a love affair that can not be broken, a marriage that will never end in divorce, a companion I can always call and count on.  Someone who knows me inside and out, and is putting me on a path to Him.  My Love, my Life, my Best Friend, my Lord.   -S. T.

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